PASCOM® CMR software lets you easily control all aspects of your national order processing in a friendly, multi-user, Windows environment. A powerful query engine and extensive reporting capabilities provide easy access to revenue tracking data, order management information, and more.

A few feature highlights...

Order Editor – Orders are presented in an easy to read format, using color codes to highlight changes and conditions that require action. Rates are automatically applied, or can be entered manually. Headings & Rates can be chosen from a list and inserted with a quick double click. Extensive validations help keep errors to a minimum.

Queries and Advices are viewed on the screen and can be sorted according to date and/or status. One click takes you right to the order that needs to be updated.

The Invoice Editor creates invoices from orders, allows for special pricing and adjustments, and then automatically calculates totals. Many of the same features available in the Order Editor are duplicated in the Invoice Editor. When you're ready, the system will collate and print invoices and cover bills.

The Rates & Data module provides reports to show coverage, pricing, directory information, and much more. Applying monthly updates to Rates & Data is easy. You have the option to load changes only or completely replace your old Rates & Data. Choose your option, click OK, and you'll soon be ready to go!

PASCOM® software communicates directly with ELITE to transmit orders, artwork transmittals, and graphics. Our integrated communication module means reliable transmission without any additional software. Acknowledgments can be viewed on screen and sorted by a variety of options.

Dealer solicitations are supported with a variety of options and functions. Custom forms can be created to your specifications to allow complete control over the program.


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